Alcohol/Driving Awareness Class

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State Approved / Court Mandated

Alcohol Awareness
Class for
Drinking Citations

* All courses are done in a classroom, not online.

Alcohol Awareness Class and Driving Safety Class

Alcohol Awareness

Alcohol Awareness

This is a Court Approved and State Mandated course for those who receive an Underaged Drinking Citations. Or someone taking an alcohol education course to keep a conviction from going on their record. The Certificate is issued at the completion of second day.

Driving Safety

Driving Safety

State Certified for Citation Dismissal and/or Insurance Discount. Court approved.

Receive a certificate of completion for the court and one for Insurance in 15 working or 21 calendar days.

For online TABC certification click here!!!!

Description of Class:

Alcohol Awareness Class (Taught in Arlington, TX):

This is a thought provoking class designed to encourage people to take a more serious look at the problems associated with alcohol use.

Driving Safety Class (Taught in Uvalde, TX):

This class does NOT teach you how to drive. It is designed to remind you of the risk involved in driving and help you how you can improve the risk of survival by being a safer and better driver when you obey the laws and pay attention to the rules of the road.

Learn about Alcohol Awareness Class for Minors

Alcohol Awareness Class for Minors in Arlington, Texas, aims to help drinkers understand the dangers of alcohol use and/or alcoholism. We also teach driving safety classes. We have been in business for more than 25 years now, and we will not cancel unless circumstances demand it, example extreme weather or family emergency.


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